3 easy free money spells

Money is a form of energy that is always in motion. Those who give to charity have initiated the motion and so the flow of energy will go in their direction.

For those who refuse to pay debts, make others pay for their food or rent, the flow of money will stop or even reverse. Remember the three-fold rule that the more you give, the more you get back from life.

Golden Money Spider Spell

This spell will bring you the money you need. To do the spell, you will need the following items: Red paper, gold ink, saucer and a few coins.
Step 1: Create a picture of a spider hidden in its web using the red paper and gold ink.
Step 2: Place the saucer in an undisturbed place and put the picture in the saucer.
Step 3: Now place the starter coins which will increase to become your wealth.
Step 4: Sit down by the spider web and looking at the coins, visualize the amount that you would love to attract.
Step 5: Every week, add a few more coins to the saucer to fee your lucky spider.

Make a note of all the financial news that comes to you and thank the spider for it all. Also make it a duty to donate part of the money that comes to you.

Bayberry Money Spell

The botanical Bayberry is believed to bring prosperity to people. In this spell, we use infused oil of bayberry along with a silver item such as a coin, piece of jewelry, etc.

Step 1: Using the infused oil of bayberry, anoint the piece of silver you have chosen.
Step 2: Hold it in your left hand and visualize your life taking off in wonderful directions.
Step 3: Remember to carry it with you all day in a charm bag or pocket
Step 4: Also place it on your forehead or third eye area just before you go to sleep for at least for 30 minutes.
Step 5: To keep the money spell going continuously, feed the silver item with a drop of oil of bayberry weekly.

Chanting Money Spell
From the book The Magick of Chant-O-Matics by Raymond Buckland

Chant is power just as prayers are purposeful. A continuous chant allows to draw off of our own personal powers and projecting it through our intentions.

Chant in a private room so that you will not be disturbed. Also you may sit,
stand or kneel while chanting. You may use incense or other items to increase the ambience in the room.

Here is the chant that will bring you more money:

Repeat this three times:

Breaking free,
Moving high;
Aiming up
Toward the sky.
Floating, soaring,
Ever on.
Days of want are now all gone.
Better, better,
Pay by far,
To take me up
Toward the stars.

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