3 easy money spells

Chinese Frog Money Spell
The ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures believed that frogs were the symbol of wealth, increase and abundance because of their quick ways of multiplying themselves. Many cultures believe that if we hurt animals, we lose our blessings in the form of wealth and happiness. However, if we take care of the environment, along with all the life that inhabits it, we will receive unimaginable gifts and joy.

For this spell, gather the following items:
A money frog amulet or a small green ceramic frog
Some real coins (gold colored coins such as pennies are preferred)
Magnetic sand
Money drawing powder (mix ground dry basil with confectioners sugar to make your own money drawing powder).

Get a plate or saucer and spread the coins on it. Place the frog on the coins.
Sprinkle with the Money Drawing powder and the magnetic sand. Place the plate under your bed, with the frog directly looking toward the door. Sprinkle with magnetic sand periodically. Every night, before you go to sleep, intensely visualize your pot of gold and invite it into your home.

Golden Spider Spell

In many countries, killing a spider is considered detrimental to one’s own good fortune. This golden spider will weave a web of riches and prosperity for you if you feed it regularly.

To do this spell, you will need:
A piece of red paper and a pen with gold ink
A saucer or plate and a few gold colored coins

Draw the picture of a spider hidden in its web on the red paper with the gold ink pen. Make the picture as detailed as you can. You may make the face of the spider almost human like, with eyes, mouth and nose clearly marked. Place the paper with the golden spider on a saucer (or plate). Add a few coins to the plate while you make an invocation and express your heartfelt wishes to the spider.  Once a week, feed the spider a gold colored coin. Your riches will multiply as long as the spider is “alive”.

Money Plant Spell

There are many plants that will bring wealth and prosperity to your home and family.

Plant any of the following around the property/perimeter of your home to preserve what you have and to stimulate new prosperity and wealth to your home.

If you do not have a yard, use a pot to raise these plants or have window boxes for herbs. Examples of money attracting botanicals include: Basil, camellia, cinquefoil, dill, heliotrope, honeysuckle, jade plant, jasmine, lettuce, marigolds, mint, morning glory, nasturtium, onions, parsley and poppies.

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  1. christina garcia says:

    Dear Rose,
    I use to practice magick when i was in high school & i was quite good at it! My grandma used to help me w/ candle magick until she passed away about 6 yrs ago.. ever since then i stopped doing it and everything seems to be at a standstill. I did a simple candle spell, got a grant now i’m studying to be a medical billing/coding specialist! I signed up for your free course, and am going to try the money spells as soon as i can afford to buy some of the supplies.. i’m not working and struggling on $125/mo.. I KNOW things are going to change i can feel it!! Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers..and thank you (in advance) for your lovely emails..i feel like something “great” is coming!! I started 2 free ebusinesses, do u have a spell that will bring me customers/sales? So far, i haven’t got any but i know it will come soon enough!

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