3 Spells to Become a Witch with Powers

3 Spells to Become a Witch with Powers
As children we are so appreciative of the simple joys of life. A cute puppy, a butterfly, the song of a bird, the dancing leaves of a tree or a rainbow: all of these evoke so much joy in our minds.

However, as we grow older, we are lost in study books, homework assignments and collecting “stuff” and our joys change from simple things to bigger and more materialistic matters. We need that latest iPhone or iPad or any of these million gadgets that are created every year and we forget to enjoy the beauty of a simple butterfly.

Although we still have the magick within us, we just don’t have an idea how to bring it out, how to use it and how to enhance our lives with the powers bestowed on all of us. There are many ways in which we can re-connect to our inner child and return to being a witch again. Here are some examples of rituals we can do to re-member the witch in us:

Artemisia Potion for increased clairvoyance

On a new Moon day, gather the following:
1 ounce of mugwort leaves, dried
1 bottle of your favorite wine

Add the mugwort to the wine bottle and expose it to the Moon’s beams for 7 days.
On the eighth day, decant the wine and strain the mugwort out of it. Drink an ounce of the wine every day to increase your clairvoyance.

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