3 witchcraft revenge spells

San Cipriano Spells
Saint Cyprian was the patron Saint of magickal people. He was the most important figure in Iberian magick. Later, his influence expanded to other countries such as Portugal and Spain. San Cipriano, as he is also called, is believed to be a Master of magickal arts who reconciles estranged lovers, offers people spiritual protection, and is a finder of buried treasure.
Find stolen article spell
For this spell, you will need the following items:
Brown candle and San Cipriano Oil.
Step 1: Hold the brown candle in your palms and charge it with your desires. As the patron Saint of loss or stolen articles, Saint Cyprian can easily find you what was taken away from you by force.
Step 2: Using a dull knife, carve your name, identifying information such as your address, mother’s name, what needs to be found, etc.
Step 3: Dress the candle with San Cipriano oil while visualizing your wishes coming true.
Step 4: Light the candle and stay deep in meditation for a while.
Reveal the thief spell
Here is a spell to discover the thief and also recover the lost or stolen articles.
In many parts of the world, sacred oaths are sometimes sworn on iron so that it acquires the same powers as a sacred text such as the Bhagavad Gita or the Koran.
This sacred quality is believed to help us find the identity of the theif.
For this elaborate spell, you will need the following items:
An anvil, salt, a few slices of bread and 2 white candles. Also, everyone who has been suspected or implicated in this theft must contribute an iron tool for this purpose.
Step 1: Position the anvil at a crossroads in front of your house.
Step 2: Also place the salt, bread and the white candle on top of the anvil.
Step 3: Light one of the white candles.
Step 4: The tools of all the persons implicated are placed around the anvil.
Step 5: The victim of the theft now lights the other white candle.
Step 6: The victim now asks the guilty party to come forward.
Step 7: Some times, the guilty party may confess on the spot.
Step 8: If the guilty party has not confessed yet, go to Step 9
Step 9: Each person in the party is now requested to kiss the anvil, the bread and the candles.
Step 10: Each person in the party now picks up his or her own tool and strikes the anvil with it.
Step 11: Together, all curse the thief, wishing him misfortune until they confess.

Theft Revenge Spell
This spell is worked when a thief has taken your money or property. Although you may not be able to recover what you lost, you may have the satisfaction of knowing that the thief cannot enjoy it either. It may actually cause the thief to suffer the consequences of doing such an evil deed.
For this spell, you will need the following items:
White candle, San Cipriano Oil and Sea salt.
Step 1: Reverse the white candle by slicing the top of the candle and flattening the current top end while exposing the wick on it original bottom.
Step 2: Carve the candle with you pleas for justice.
Step 3: Dress the candle with large amounts of San Cipriano Oil while visualizing the end result you want.
Step 4: Roll the dressed candle in salt.
Step 5: Talk to the candle about your loss and the injustice that was done to you along with what you think the thief deserves.
Step 6: Light the candle and sit in meditation as your wishes are carried out by the Universe.

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