4 Candle Magic and Spells

Orange Candle Employment Spell

There are few people who have not had to worry about getting a new job. One way to find that job that is your perfect fit is to work this spell. For this spell, you will need the following items:
1 orange candle
Your resume
Magnetic sand
Van Van oil
Gold sparkles

On a new Moon day, write a description of your dream job on the reverse of your resume. Take the time to describe your aspirations, your work space, co-workers, manager, salary, etc. When you have completed your intentions, brush the resume with honey and sprinkle some magnetic sand over it. Now fold the resume nine times.

Dress the orange candle with Van Van oil and visualize your future the best way it can be, Roll the candle in sparkles, place it on top of the resume and burn.

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