4 Faery Magick Spells

Fairy Tears Safety Spell
The Crystal Gemstone Staurolite, which is also called “Cross Stone” or Fairy tears.
This gemstone is formed by twin crystals that form into a cross or an X shape.
To protect against car accidents, just place this stone in the car, in the glove compartment. You may also wear it as a traveler’s charm.

Fairy offering table for Childbirth Spell
This spell can be performed with the help of fairies who are also called “The Good Mothers” in Breton style. Also, with much more elaborate preparations, it can be achieved in Macedonian style.

Step 1: Set up a table with a continually lit lamp which is maintained in the birthing chamber.
Step 2: The baby and mother should stay together in the same room for the first three days.
Step 3: Place fresh bread, salt and coins on the prepared table.
Step 4: On the third night, also place a small table near the head of the baby’s bed.
Step 5: On the table, place a mirror.
Step 6: Now place a cake made by a woman whose biological parents are still alive.
Step 7: Place gemstones and silver coins in a small bag and place it under the baby’s pillow. These items are presented to the fairies that are coming to visit the baby.
Step 8: Let the lighted lamp guide and welcome the visitors.
Step 9: If the bag remains the next morning, bury it in the Earth in a location where fairies gather.

Fairy Fertility Spell
It is important that we do not remove any leaves or wood from a living Hawthorn tree since it is sacred to Fairies. This spell will enhance fertility for those who wish to have a child.
Step 1: Collect some fallen hawthorn leaves.
Step 2: Holding the leaves, make an invocation to the fairies
Step 3: You may name your desire
Step 4: Promise the fairies that if the spell succeeds, an offering table will be set up in a convenient location.
Step 5: Bring the leaves home and place them beneath the mattress.
Holey Stone Spell
Holed stones is believed create a portal to Fairy Land. Here is a spell that will enable you to visit Fairy land.
Step 1: Travel to a place where fairies gather.
Step 2: Look for a holey stone while walking in a circle widdershins three times.
Step 3: If you already know the names of fairies you wish to see, call them by their names politely and respectfully so that they may not be offended.

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