4 free alchemy spells

Alchemy was used in the past to transmute base metals into gold. While alchemists in Alexandria focused on creating wealth, alchemists in China were focused on longevity. In this generation, Alchemist spells have evolved into ways in which we can change something that may not have much value into something that will be beneficial in life.

Chinese Longevity potion Spell
For this spell, you will need the following items:
Rice water
Morning dew
1 piece of Jade
A Copper pot
Step 1: Blend equal quantities of rice water and morning dew
Step 2: Powder the jade and add it to the liquid in step 1.
Step 3: Pour the liquid into a copper pot and boil it for 10 minutes
Step 4: Allow the liquid to cool and then strain and drink for longevity.
Weight Loss Spell
In this spell, the transformation is from unhappy feelings to a happy or ecstatic disposition.
For this spell, you will need a single moonstone or topaz. It is best if the stone may be set in some form of jewelry. Moonstone is not only believed to make you more beautiful, it also regulates metabolism. For this spell, you will need:
1 white candle
Moonstone or Topaz jewelry (pendant would be best since it lies close to your heart.
Step 1: After a relaxing bath in herb induced water, sit by the altar for a few minutes contemplating your amazing future. Allow all positive thoughts to enter your mind and focus on seeing yourself as the person you wish to be.
Step 2: With a dull knife, carve the white candle with your positive thoughts about your future.
Step 3: Light the candle and see yourself in the future.
Beauty Bestowing spell
Most of us wish to become more attractive. Although the concept of beauty varies with the age, country and various other factors, most people around the world wish to get more attractive as they age. Here is a simple way of restoring your beauty or adding to its attraction.
Fumitory Beauty Spell
Fumitory is also known as Earth smoke. It is believed to bestow beauty, vitality and sensuality to people of all ages.
Step 1: Collect some fumitory
Step 2: Simmer it in spring water for a few minutes
Step 3: Allow the water to cool.
Step 4: Add it to your bath.
Step 5: Enjoy your bath while visualizing the radiance that will impress those who come into your life.
Baldness be gone spell
This is a 17th century formula for hair growth. For this spell, you will need one ounce of southern wood ashes, two cups of olive oil and ? cup of infused oil of Rosemary.
Step 1: Burn the southerwood until you get the correct amount of ashes
Step 2: Add the olive oil to this ash and mix well.
Step 3: Also add the oils of rosemary to this mix
Step 4: Transfer it into a bottle.
Step 5: Keep the bottle in a cool, dark place.
Step 6: Everyday, rub the oil into the scalp morning and night to stimulate hair growth.
Step 7: While rubbing the oil on your scalp, visualize hair growing steadily.

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