4 free black magic spells incantations

Spirit Cleansing Maneuver

This spell gets rid of all negativity (spirit or vibrations) around you.
Do this spell for each of the corners in the suspected rooms in your home.

For this spell, you will need (4 X):
A square of red paper
One stone or metal plate

Prepare the metal plates by placing the red paper on each of them and adding a pinch of sulphur to the center of each plate. Place them in the four corners and light the sulphur.
Now, facing each corner, utter thus:

Baron Carrefour!
Baron Cimitiere!
I invoke you!
With the power of your names,
I command and compel ALL evil spirits, spells and vibrations
To leave my home and NEVER RETURN!

Withdraw from the room but watch for the sulphur to die down without causing any disturbance.

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