4 Free Powerful Love Spells

Love spells are the most demanded of all spells around the world. As Love is what life is all about, most people realize that life is nothing without someone to love. It could be a child, siblings, parents, friends or others that we care for. However, those who are selfish and do not care about others will soon realize that love is what moves the world.
The most requested of Love spells include Love potions, Fidelity spells, Binding spells, Break-up spells, Heartbreak spells, Seduction spells, Summoning spells, etc.

1. Botanicals of Love Spell

For this spell, you have to choose some botanicals that you may like such as roses, poppies, mint, vervain, chamomile, cardamom, gardenia, coriander, grains of paradise, hibiscus, lavender, iris, jasmine, lovage, thyme, etc. You will also need a candle that is pink, red, yellow or orange in color and has a wide base.

Step 1: Hollow out the base of the candle and fill it with your favorite botanicals.

Step 2: Burn the candle while you visualize your future wishes coming true

2. Copal Love spell

Copal is a resin that is derived from trees that are held sacred by the Mayas, Aztec and Inca civilizations. Copal is used in spiritual cleansing similar to the fantastic frankincense and myrrh combination which is used to draw romantic attention from the opposite sex.

For this spell, you will need a solid lump of copal and a charm bag.

Step 1: Place the lump of Copal in the charm bag.

Step 2: Carry this around to meet someone special

Step 3: When you need more power, grind the lump of Copal using a mortar and pestle. While you grind the Copal, visualize your goals coming true.

3. Fifteenth Century Voodoo Love spell (for knowledge – not practice)

This spell was so secret that it was written in code that was a mixture of
Hebrew and Yiddish. For this spell, you will need to create a female form from virgin (unused) wax. It is a form of Voodoo where pins are inserted in a doll so as to control the person of our desire. Also needed is some of your urine and some spring water. Of course this spell is just for illustration. Do not attempt it or hurt anyone through it. Remember that what we do to others will be returned to us MULTI-FOLD.

Step 1: Create a female figure or male figure as you wish. Remember to emphasize the male or female parts of the body. Try to add some special characteristics of the person you love. Carve the name of the person near their heart and also on the back for identification.

Step 2: Now chant the following: May it be your will, Oh God
burns with passion for me and me alone!

Step 3: Now bury this figure in the Earth for 24 hours. Take good care to see that the figure stays intact and clean.

Step 4: On the next day, dig it up and leave it under the eaves of a house. Cover it with a stone for 24 hours.

Step 5: Bury the figure again in the yard.

Step 6: Now dip it in spring water three times while you ritually invoke Michael, Gabriel and Raphael each at a time.

Step 7: After the three dippings in spring water, dip the doll in your own urine.

Step 8: Now dry her gently. Now you have a voodoo doll.

Step 9: When you love this doll, the object of your desire will know.

Pomba Gira Crossroads Love Spell

Among the host of Pomba Giras, one name stands out: Maria Padilha. Her special magical power is imbued in this love spell to find a lost lover or to discover a new love in your life.

For this spell, you will need seven fresh bright red roses, champagne, anisette, cigarettes, etc.

Step 1: If the roses have thorns, remove them yourself gently.
Step 2: When it is dark, go to a junction of seven crossroads taking your roses along with you. Petition to Pomba Gira to give you a wonderful and loving partner for life.
Step 3: Stop at each crossroad and leave one rose by the side while you repeat your desires.
Step 4: You may also offer your gifts to her so that She will be pleased.

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