4 free spells for revenge

First, I have to admit that I am not an admirer of Revenge spells. Only those who do not really understand the Three-fold rule will be ignorant enough to attempt revenge spells since the Universe is the master of all.
Remember that all living beings think that they are doing the right thing. Unlike those people who will help others regardless of how others behave with them, some people become thieves and criminals by allowing themselves to believe that they are innocent while the rest of the world are out to get them. They find reasons and excuses to believe that it is okay to hurt other living things. Sadly, these individuals are only wasting their time in this beautiful world. It always pays to do good deeds for those who help others without any desires in return will live and die happily.
It is best if you do not cause harm to others FOR ANY REASON. Regardless of what you believe, it is up to the Universe to do that. If you really think that you are wises that the Universe itself, you are in for a rude surprise.
San Cipriano Theft Revenge Spell
This spell is worked when someone is robbed. It does not help bring the property back, but it causes the thief to suffer and regret what they have done so that they will not rob anyone else.
For this spell, you will need a candle, San Cipriano oil and sea salt.
Step 1: Carve the white candle by reversing it. Slice the top of the candle and expose the wick on the bottom so that it can be lit upside down.
Step 2: While visualizing your goal, dress the candle with San Cipriano oil.
Step 3: Roll the dressed candle in sea salt.
Step 4: Converse to the candle and express your sorrow and wishes to it for the injustice done to you and your family.
Step 5: Light the candle and sit in meditation visualizing the peace that is pervading in your spirit regardless of outside circumstances.

Knot magic revenge spell
It is very easy to reverse knot magic. For this , all you need is to find the thread with the knots.
Step 1: Undo the knot one at a time reciting you favorite good luck chant or Koran’s Surah CXIII.
Step 2: With the unknotted cord in your hand, visualize all of the evil being washed away from you.
Step 3: Knot the thread again and with each knot, visualize the person becoming calmer and kinder. In a positive way, you are making sure that you have removed one enemy from your life.

Weeping Willow Spell
This spell will make your enemy cry, weep and moan. However, it will not hurt them in any way.
For this spell, you will need a weeping willow branch.
Step 1: Place it in a pot with some potting soil as though you plan to grow it.
Step 2: Water it every day and collect the water that may come through the soil to the bottom.
Step 3: Repeat watering for nine days.
Step 4: On the 10th day, carry the water to the home of the person who has really hurt you for no reason. Pour the water on the front doorstep and walk away. This will stimulate tears in that home.

Hex Ball Spell
This spell is worked when you have to avenge someone. Not recommended.
For this revenge spell, you will need a candle, algae, mold, mildew, black pepper and valerian.
Step 1: Carve healing, soothing words on the candle so that the object of this spell will soften their stance and decide to go on a positive path.
Step 2: Burn the candle
Step 3: Reserve some of the melted wax
Step 4: Add the algae, mold, mildew, black pepper and valerian to the wax
Step 4: Throw the ball into your enemies’ property when they are not home.
Step 5: Visualize peace, love and prosperity for their home as well as yours.

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