4 Phases of the Moon Spells

1. Full Moon Lunar Divination Spell

Lunar divination is believed to be enhanced by the power of water. This water draws down the Moon. This Lunar charged water is extremely powerful may be used in spells and potions. It may also be substituted where holy water or any other sacred water is needed. This Moon charged water may is as important as iron when it comes to producing energy.

For this spell, you will need a dish or a glass bowl of water and four torches.

Step 1: In the light of the full Moon, place the dish or bowl so that it captures the light reflecting from the full Moon. This is believed to draw down the Moon herself.

Step 2: Now light the four torches so that they surround the water and creates a magickal area.

Step 3: Now gaze into this magical water and also notice the interplay of the torch flames to get the answer to your question.

2. Waxing Moon Hair Growth Spell

Most spells in which we need to increase something, such as hair thickness, beauty, money, etc., we need to perform our spell when the Moon is in the waxing stage.

For this beauty spell, you will need some henna, oil and a comb.

Step 1: Mix the henna with oil

Step 2: Go up to the roof or the upper storey of your house from which you can see the Moon Goddess herself.

Step 3: Spread the henna-oil combo on your hair gently and with a lot of love.

Step 4: Comb it out gently

Step 5: Talk to the Moon Goddess using words such as:
” I gave you my beautiful hair”
“Now Moon Goddess, give me yours”.
(or something similar) .

Step 6: Go and wash it away.

Step 7: For the rest of the time, apply the oil-henna combination until the day of the Dark Moon.

New Moon Love Talisman Candle Spell

This spell will win the heart of the person you love. For this spell, you will need handcrafted candles for best results. However, you may get regular candles from the stores and add some interesting items to it so that it has your special touch such as a dressing oil or slight perfume.

Also needed are two wax figures to represent the two of you. Also get a few strands of hair from the one you love as well as from yourself. You may pick up a few strands from a jacket or coat.

Step 1: On a NEW MOON night, place a few strands of his hair on the candle representing the woman and vice-versa on the other candle, place some hairs of the woman on the man’s candle.

Step 2: Place a few of your own hairs in your candle too.

Step 3: Burn the candles facing each other but placed a good distance away from each other.

Step 4: Burn the candles in timed increments, say an hour a day, and each day bring them closer to each other.

Step 5: When the candles are almost touching each other, let them burn together all the way down so that their waxes intermingle.

Step 6: The remaining melted wax may be used as a Love talisman. Watch the shape of the talisman to see if its auspicious.

Waning Moon Spell for Weight Loss
Almost all humans at one time or another has regretted eating too much. As our body expands, our daily activities become cumbersome and labor intensive. Our body begins to tire and become lazy and our quality of life can go way down. So here is a weight spell that will enable us to lose weight along with the waning Moon Goddess.

For this spell, you will need a carton of milk.

Step 1: Warm the carton of milk

Step 2: Take it into the shower.

Step 3: You may light candles and give the area a wonderful ambience so that positive energy is generated.

Step 4: While standing or sitting in the tub, pour the warm milk over the body

Step 5: Affirm to grown thinner like the Moon Goddess. Repeat every month until you reach the desired size.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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