4 wiccan spells and charms

Love and protect spell
This is a binding spell that is worked with the acknowledgement of both lovers. It ensures that the couple remains together regardless of any efforts to destroy your love.

For this spell, you will need the following items:
A handkerchief or scarf
Any love oil (essential oil of rose, essential oil of jasmine or Kamasutra oil)

Step 1: One partner holds the handkerchief or scarf and makes two knots in it while visualizing endless love and life together in this realm.
Step 2: Now that other partner makes two knots in the same handkerchief and visualizes a perfect married life
Step 3: Holding the handkerchief or scarf together, both partners now tie one big knot that encases all of the four previous knots. Pull with as much force as you can to make the knot as tight as possible.
Step 4: Dress it with the love oil
Step 5: Now keep it in a safe and secure place and dress it with the love oil periodically.
Step 6: IF at any time you wish to separate, untie the knot and wish each other well.

Three Magi Spell

This spell is used to find missing people or items around the home. For this spell, you will need a beeswax tablet. If you do not have a beeswax tablet, just use a piece of cardboard.
Step 1: Create a sigil using the beeswax tablet or a piece of cardboard. Write the names of the three Magi, Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar on them.
Step 2: Visualize your intentions being created in your reality.
Step 3: Place the message under your pillow and go to sleep.

Lock and Key Conception Spell
This spell is used when a person has trouble conceiving. For this spell, all you will need is a new lock and its corresponding key.
Step 1: Place the key and the lock on the floor a distance apart
Step 2: Walk between the lock and the key.
Step 3: Begin to turn around.
Step 4: While turning around say this: “When I open this lock again, I will successfully conceive.”
Step 5: Turn the key and lock it.
Step 6: Keep the lock in a safe and undisturbed place
Step 7: When you are ready to conceive, open the lock ritually before you make love.

Nightmare Repellent Spell
Peony roots offer very powerful protection against nightmares. For this spell, you will need dried peony roots, a needle, red cord.

Step 1: Slice the dried peony roots into small beads while visualizing the end of your nightmare FOREVER.
Step 2: Using the needle and the red thread, make a necklace out of the powerful peony beads. After each bead, you may make a knot. While creating the knot, murmur your desires into the knot for protection.
Step 3: Wear this necklace for protection when you sleep. It is your nightmare shield and nightmare repellent forever.

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