4 wiccan symbols to protect

Wiccan practitioners have many revered and distinct symbols that are used daily as a celebration of their ancient heritage. Since pagan religions came into existence as humans arrived on Earth, these symbols have been respected and venerated by humans all over the world for over multiple millenniums. Wiccans wear these symbols as they are believed to impart their powers to the one who wears them. Usually these symbols are carved or painted on to metal pendants, rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, etc.
One of the most important of all Wicca symbols is the Pentacle. This ancient symbol looks like a combination of a start inside a circle. Human life is believed to be a circle similar to the seasons which appears to begin anew with spring and end the cycle with winter. The inner star has five points which represents the five elements including fire, water, air, earth and the spirit or self. This symbol is traditionally used by most Wiccan practitioners for protection. It may be a part of the clothing or an item in jewelry. Wiccans also may draw this symbol of protection in the air to purify the area. The Pentacle or Pentagram is one of the most important items in the Wiccan altar.
The Horned God is another symbol revered by Wiccan practitioners. The Horned God is believed to be one of the two primary deities in Wiccan religion. As the male part of Wicca’s duo-theistic belief system, the horned God represents Nature, hunting, sexuality and the entire life cycle. This symbol has horns or antlers on his head similar to the ancient Shiva statues found in Indo-European sites. The horned God who is also called Cerunnos is believed to be the ultimate form of God of Nature from which all living things spring and where their bodies are laid to rest so that Nature can renew itself again. This eternal cycle has been studied and understood by many civilizations even though they may have been too far apart in the vast world for easy communication. The horned God and God Shiva have three eyes which is quite unique when compared to the vast assimilation of deities we have all over the world. Lord Shiva and Cerrunos both also are usually seated in yoga pose. The amulets or pendants in such poses are very popular with Wicca practitioners.
The Sun wheel is another symbol which Pagans used to respect as it represents the Wheel of the year including the eight Wiccan sabbats. Originally, the Sun wheel used to be associated with the solar cross which was used to mark the solstices and equinoxes in early European cultures. It may have been the earliest form of the beautiful Swastika symbol that is still revered by many nations even though criminals such as Hitler used it for his selfish purpose. The Sun wheel is a Universal symbol which has been found in many parts of the world. This symbol represents authority and domination as that of the Sun itself. As most of civilization is aware, the Sun gives provides our entire solar system with energy that sustains life. The Sun wheel or sun cross is believed to be one of the first pictorial graphics around the beginning of the Bronze age. In most places such as Babylon, China, Americas and others, this symbol was associated with a wheel or cycle which is connected with power, energy and respect.
Another favorite symbol of protection for those who follow the Wiccan culture is the Triskele which is also called Triskelion, Triquetra or Fylfot. This ancient symbol was found in Neolithic stones found all over Western Europe. As an ancient celtic symbol it deals with power and the progress of humans in the world. The simple translation of this word from Greek means “three-legged”. As a result, this symbol has become synonymous with the concept of movement or forward motion. To many, this is a symbol of cyclic action similar to life itself.

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