4 witches love spells

Hibiscus Love Spell
This is a simple spell that will bring results instantly. For this spell, you will need only one thing, a Hibiscus flower. Hibiscus is also know by many other names such as Roselle, Flor de Jamaica, Karkade, Chai Kujarat, Bissap, Wonjo, Sorrel, Saril, etc. It is a very common plant in tropical areas as well as moderate zones.

For the spell, you have to find a perfect hibiscus flower.
Step 1: Wear the flower on your hair for a few hours.
Step 2: Offer your hibiscus flower to the one you love
Step 3: If the person accepts it without question, s/he is yours!

Grow a Lover spell
This ancient spell allows lonely people to grow a lover! What you will need is a seed or a plant and some interest in gardening.
Step 1: Get an avocado pit, basil plant, Bleeding heart plant, tulip bulb (if you desire a female lover) or an onion (male lover)
Step 2: For the avocado, bury the pit under ground or in a pot. Plant the rest of the items depending on which one you choose and water it according to instructions.
Step 3: As the plant grows, so will your chances of attracting the love that you desire.

The Natural Couple Spell

Ivy and Holly are indeed nature’s natural couples. Like Frankincense and Myrrh, they belong together eternally combined with each other. Holly usually represents Dionysus and Ivy signifies his true love, Ariadne.

For this spell, you will need Ivy if you are a woman seeking to attract men and you will need some holly leaves and berries if you are a man trying to attract a woman.

For this spell, you will need the above items along with a conjure bag that may be discreetly carried on your body.

Step 1: Add the above items into the conjure bag while visualizing your goals
Step 2: Carry the conjure bag with you at all times to attract what you wish for.

Juniper Love Spell

This spell is for women who wish to attract long-term love, commitment and romance.

For this spell, you will need the following items:
Junper berries
Water for a soaking and relaxing bath

Step 1: Soak the Juniper berries in Vinegar for 5 hours
Step 2: Now strain out the berries and reserve some for later
Step 3: Add the vinegar infusion into the bath water
Step 4: Enjoy the bath while vividly visualizing your end results
Step 5: Come out of the bath
Step 6: Reserve some of the bath water along with the reserved berries in a bowl.
Step 7: When you have put on your clothes, go to the back door and toss the reserved used bathwater and the reserved berries outside onto the Earth. This sends a signal to the Universe that you desire love and you are available for romantic pursuits.

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