Comparisons Between American Wicca And European Wicca

Raymond Buckland encouraged the advancement of the Wiccan religion with open rituals, democratic methods of organization and encouragement for group as well as solitary methods of practice. Self initiation was allowed for those who couldn’t find covens in their neighborhood and other people who wished to practice the religion without any interference from authoritarians. Also skyclad (nude) was made optional compared to the European Wiccan traditions where skyclad was the norm for the most important celebrations.

As a country, America has allowed Wicca to evolve into a more or less globally acceptable religion, allowing solitary practitioners to choose their methods of practice and encouraging newer ideas into the mix.  American Wicca has expanded to include the goodness of many styles of witchcraft along with the freedom to choose deities of choice and tools, herbs, incenses, oils and practices which once were foreign to this religion.

As Wicca evolves all over the world, it would be to the people’s advantage to absorb and encourage the practice of this nature based religion so that everyone on our planet can finally see eye to eye and can begin to mend our divisive ways of viewing the human race. In a world where religion is the number one cause of wars and destruction, Wiccans will be able to herald an era of peace and hope by caring about the entire planet while enabling each and every living thing on Earth to live joyfully and with everlasting hope.

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