German pagan symbols

The Celtic cross is also used by Europeans including Germans to depict the sun as the center of the Universe or as the tree of life. It is also called the sun cross and is the oldest and most popular of symbols. This symbol has been recovered from the Paleolithic caves in the Pyrenees as well as the cities of Mohenjo-daro in the Indus River valley.

Since life began on Earth, the symbol of the apple has been connected with fertility and longevity. This symbol was holy to ancient Germanic and Celtic religions depicting everlasting youth. Altars would be decorated with apples dedicated to the fertility goddess. German mythology characters such as Idun an Idunna created young human beings from apples dipped into a magickal well.

Ravens are also sacred symbols in Germanic Mythology. Ravens were also connected with the god Wodan and they flew over the nine worlds every day.  These birds were associated with battle, death and victory.

Other animal symbols connected with ancient Germanic Mythology are Eagles, horses and Boars. Items that were sacred to the culture included ships, pillars (fertility), wagons, wolf-hooks, Questenbaums, black suns, Trees, Thunder brooms, valknuts, shieldnots,  Triqueta, Horn Triskelion,  spears, Footprints, hex signs, heart, oak leaves, keys, etc.

Although the repulsive nazi regime abused many of our beautiful, meaningful pagan symbols, it is our duty to use them, revive them and to teach the future generations about their significance.

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