What are the basic wicca beliefs?

Primarily, Wiccans believe that the Divine is present in all of us. Goddess or God energy is always with us and within us. Wiccans do not believe in an external God who should be appeased with prayers and money. The Deities of Wicca come in many shapes, sizes and cultures. They may speak many languages and live is many lands As Wicca gains popularity, Wiccans will learn to live without fear of being accosted or hurt by ignorant followers of other religions.

Pure Equality is the theme of Wicca. Women and men are treated the same way, and priestesses are as important as priests. Animals have the same importance as people and extinction is a painful thing for animals as it may be one day for humans. Also, wiccans believe that inanimate things are have divine energy as well.

Above all, Wiccans believe in the beauty and power of our own spirit; One that is as powerful as the Gods and Goddesses around us, as strong as the wind that creates our hurricanes, as beautiful as the rain that quenches our thirst and as commanding as the powerful planets that once created this Universe.

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