5 Aisha love spells

Africa is believed to be the cradle of civilization for all mankind. As most of us know, witchcraft is as old as civilization itself. As the early humans began life on this magickal Universe, they were spiritually very aware of the role that Nature played in their lives.

We have proof that Magick was practiced in the ancient city of Alexandria in Egypt a millennium ago. The magickal papyri discovered in Egypt gave us many clues as to the way of life of the people who lived there in 2nd century BC and forward. No one knows who compiled these magickal texts, but it has been an eye-opener for the modern world to realize that magick was held in high esteem and practiced by almost all the cultures around the world. Witches like us know that Witchcraft is the most natural and ancient religion in the world!

There are many styles of Egyptian magick. Deities such as Horus, Isis, Amun Ra and Osiris were some of the spirits that would bless and add energy to rituals. Egyptian form of magick was spread around the world by the nomadic practitioners of the Craft.

There are many witches who practice on the internet. They promise to help you achieve goals such as love, marriage, childbirth, prosperity, etc. . Aisha Haadi is a witch who practices on the internet. She is believed to be an expert on Egyptian spells. You can also become an expert in Egyptian spells by working on them.

One of the biggest advantages of Witchcraft is that any of us are capable of learning how to create our future using this beautiful way of life. As a child, we have our mothers help us with many things such as putting on our shirt, tying our shoes, etc. However, when we are older, we learn how to do them ourselves. Similarly, it is better to work on your own spells instead of depending on others to do so.

Here are some Egyptian Love Spells for you:

Adam and Eve Root spell

Step 1: For this spell, you will need to find an Adam and Eve root.

Step 2: Hold them both in your hand while you visualize the love that flows into your life.

Step 3: Charge the roots with your longest and deepest desires.

Step 4: Add them to a conjure bag. Remember that Adam and Eve root need their privacy and it is important that no other items are added to the bag. With the powers of this conjure bag, your love will be safe and last a very long time.

New Love spell

Step 1: For this spell, you will need an Adam and an Eve root

Step 2: Create or buy some “Come to me Lover” oil

Step 3: Sit down by a mirror, anoint the roots with the “Come to me Lover oil” and place the roots facing each other on opposite ends of the mirror

Step 4: Every night, remember to dress the roots with the “Come to me Lover oil” and allow them to get a little closer everyday. When the full moon arrives, the two roots should be touching each other for best results.

Black Snake Root Love Spell

Step 1: Find or buy a black snake root (also called Senicula) .
Step 2: Find a red bag and put the black snake root in it.
Step 3: Carry the bag around wherever you go to attract a lover

Egyptian Doll Love Spell
Step 1: Create two tiny dolls using natural items such as bone, wood, roots, etc.
Step 2: Decorate the dolls and embellish them with sequins, beads, etc.
Step 3: Anoint the dolls with love oils or sexual fluids
Step 4: Now tie them together with a red cord. Remember to create knots and visualize your intentions while you do so.
Step 5: Hide them in a safe place. If you breakup for any reason, just untie the dolls and keep them separate.

Grow a lover spell

Step 1: If your lover has come to your home, dig up his footprint and place it in a flower pot.
Step 2: Add regular dirt and grow some marigolds in the pot to make your love grow.
As the plants bloom, your love will bloom and mature too.

Brightest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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