5 black free love magic spells

1. Love powder Spell
This spell is to create a love drawing powder. For this spell, you will need the following:
Lavendar, Basil, Rose petals, Yarrow, ginger blossoms (optional) and rice powder.

Step 1: Grind the basil, lavender, rose petals, yarrow and ginger blossoms.
Step 2: Blend the paste with enough rice powder so that you can sprinkle it
Step 3: Sprinkle your love drawing powder around your house, bedroom, your sheets and on you!

2. Lunar Love spell

This spell is most effective on a full Moon day.
For this spell, you need to go out underneath a beautiful shining Moon.
Spend a few minutes bathing in the Moonbeams
Now begin chanting:
Moon, beautiful goddess
You look so beautiful to me, shiny and bright!
Let child of see me as I see you
Let me look as beautiful to child of as you look beautiful to me!

3. Seaside Love Spell
This spell is dedicated to Aphrodite who as a bountiful spirit who loved many creatures as well as most of Nature. For this spell, you will need some sea salt, shells and candles

Step 1: Go to the seaside when the wind is not too strong
Step 2: Sit down and cast a circle with sea salt
Step 3: Use shells to distinguish the four directions
Step 4: Light the candles within the circle. Sit inside the circle and visualize your dreams coming true. Petition the Goddess to assist you in your goals.

4. Onion Remedy Spell
If the natural attraction has subsided, it is time to wake up the vigor and enchantment of making love with onion juice which is used in India to encourage love making.

For this remedy, you will need the following items:
1 White onion
Freshly grated ginger

Step 1: Chop the onion and extract the juice.
Step 2: Grate the ginger
Step 3: Mix the onion juice with the ginger and honey.
Step 4: Take a tablespoon every day for three weeks.
Step 5: On the fourth week, celebrate with candles or lamps to renew your vows for lasting love and excitement.

5. All night long oil Spell
For this spell, you will need essential oil of jasmine which you can make from fresh jasmine flowers and sweet almond oil or buy the organic variety from a store. You will also need a small pink or red candle.

Step 1: If you are making essential oil of Jasmine, remember to cut the flowers when they are dry and about to open.
Step 2: Add the flowers to the sweet almond oil
Step 3: Remove the flowers and set the oil aside
Step 4: Now sit by the altar and dress the candle with the jasmine oil.
Step 5: Also dress your body with the essential oil of jasmine.
Step 6: Scatter fresh jasmine flowers on the bed.
Step 7: Enjoy love all night long.

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