5 Candle Magic Spells

Fire magic has been celebrated for centuries. Fire is believed to be the most independent of Elements, one which defies human control. It heals while it energizes and at the same time it purifies and cleanses too. Fire transforms and can be very dangerous if not treated properly. Magical bonfires, Oil lamps as well as an amazing array of beautifully decorated candles are usually utilized in order to get the benefits from the masculine, Yang energy of Fire. Candles are the simplest, cheapest and most easily available of all fire energy forms. One candle can light many other candles without losing its own power.

Candles have been used for centuries in spell casting and other magickal rituals. Here are some candle magic spells that use candle magick:

Job Success Spell
In this spell, the candle represents the person who is seeking employment. Get a green candle and carve your name on it. Also add other identifying info such as age, date of birth, etc. on it.
Dress the candle with Crown of Success Oil or essential oil of Basil.

Hold the candle in both hands and charge it with your desire. Take as much time as you need to visualize your job along with details about your boss, your co-workers, commute, location of job, holidays, work issues, etc.

Place your resume on a fire proof plate. Set the candle in the center of the plate and set some items that represent your job around the candle. These could be things such as a pen, a CD, a badge, etc.

Burn the candle and push your intentions into the Universe.

Coconut shell candle Spell
For this spell, you will need:

1 coconut shell
Candle wax
Pure Coconut extract

Coconuts are believed to possess an aroma that is sensuous and intoxicating. To make a Coconut scented candle, cut the coconut shell in half and scrape away the coconut from it. Now melt the wax and add pure coconut extract to it. Place the wick and then fill the coconut shell with the scented wax. Allow it to dry.

Use this candle everyday for 15 minutes to create long term purification in your home.

Cleansing Verbena Bath Spell

Gather the following for this spell:

1 bunch Vervain
1 bunch Lemon Verbena
1 lime, sliced
3 lime or lemon colored candles

Vervain is sometimes called Verbena. Lemon verbena and Vervain together provide purification as well as magical protection for the home.

Boil water and add the two botanicals. When cooled, strain and add this water to the bath along with slices of lemon and a splash of vinegar. Light candles all around the bathtub and burn while you sit in the bath and allow the invigorating and purifying energies to work on your behalf.

Court case Candle Spell

Sometimes we find ourselves having to go to the court for a case in which we were implicated. In addition to finding a good attorney who will work on our behalf, it is a good idea to work on this spell for success.

For this spell, you will need commanding oil. One can buy this from a store or make it using this recipe: Mix sweet flag, vetiver and licorice with castor oil and jojoba oil. Optionally add Oil of bergamot to create your own Command and Compel oil.

Get a brown or purple candle. These colors are more suited for legal success. Brown represents justice and purple represents power.

Hold the candle in your hands and charge it with your power while visualizing your success in the court case. Carve the candle with words of power and resolution. Dress the candle with Commanding oil and burn it for immediate success.

Heal the children spell

Maximon, the crossroads spirit of Guatemala, is the best protector of children. This spell will help keep your little children safe.

For this spell, you will need a yellow candle for Maximon. Also try to get Maximon Oil or make you own by blending Jojoba Oil with Essential Oil of Citronella, Essential Oil of pink grapefruit, Essential Oil of lemongrass and Essential Oil of mandarin orange or tangerine.

Light the candle and petition Maximon to always take care of the children in your life. Thank him by offering a libation or promising to go on a pilgrimage to his shrine in Guatemala.

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