5 Candle Magick Spells

Multiple Candle Divination
Lychnomancy is the art of divination using candles. Candle flames, wax, shadows, smoke as well as ashes can give us an indication of the success of the spell. Expert diviners are able to combine the signals given out by all of these methods to determine the outcome of the spell.

Here is a spell that uses multiple candles:

For this spell, use three similar candles. Arrange them so that they form a tight triangle shape. Sit by the candles and watch them intently.

IF one flame burns brightly, it is a good sign and we can expect good fortune to come into our life.

If one candle abruptly goes out while the others are still lit, it may be a bad sign and we have to take precautions to avoid negative experiences.

If the flames rise and fall alternately, it is good to be cautious.Flames that twist into spirals usually indicate hidden plots or unfaithful friends.

Saint Expedite Spell
If you need to cut through delays and get something done asap, try this Saint Expedite spell. For this spell, you will need a glass of rum and a slice of pound cake. Visualize your goal and promise Saint Expedite that you will offer a whole bottle of rum and a large cake if your wish comes true.

Light a white candle in his honor and murmur your desires to Sant Expedite.

Remember your promises when you reach your goal.

Go away Ghost Spell

Some people believe that many old houses have spirits living in them. Sometimes these spirits are inert and do nothing to get attention but sometimes they can be noisy or irritating. Here is a method to get rid of ghosts if they are bothering you.

For this spell, you will need a white candle and a lot of sea salt which is used for purification. First, put salt in all of your pockets because you will need a lot as you walk through all the rooms in your home. Light the candle and hold it in your right hand. Hold some salt in your left hand.

Walk backwards through each room of your house, bottom to top sprinkling salt all around while you loudly chant to the ghosts to get packing and never come back!

At the topmost point of your home, extinguish the candle. The spell is complete.

Mirror Divination

Before you work on this spell, decide what you wish to see in the future. Visualize deeply and then set two mirrors opposite each other on a table. Place two candles on either side of each mirror (four candles total). Sit between the mirrors and candles. Gaze into the mirrors to see your future.

Red Candle Fertility Spell

Folk healers in some parts of Britain suggest burning red candles before, during and after sex to increase the chances of conception. If necessary, you may carve your desires such as “girl” or “looks like so and so” etc. on the candles before lighting them.

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