5 Easy Levitation Spells

Water movement Spell

This spell should be conducted in an outdoors setting with a minimum of distraction. Sit by a placid pond and watch the water while you meditate on your intentions. Visualize the energy of you hand connected by the energy of the air to the energy of the water.

Just as the butterfly in one country can cause a storm in another country, one can create movements in the air with our powers. Slowly watch the surface of the water while you cause a ripple on the calm surface.  Wait for a few minutes to repeat the process.

The Ultimate Levitation Spell

This spell will allow you to rise from your seated or standing position. You will be able to do this if you have succeeded in all of the above spells.

For this spell you will need nothing but you and the outdoors.  Stand in a spot where you feel completely at ease. It should not be below a tree or any building. This spot should be in the middle of nowhere and the sky should be your only roof.

Sit and meditate to sharpen and focus your mind. Request the sky and the heavens to grant your wish and assist you in this endeavor. You may do any ritual that you need to make your mind as calm as it can be. Now that you have experienced the joy of levitation, the Universe is more than happy to assist you. The elements, Sky, Earth and Air will work together to enable your wishes.

Close your eyes and stand in the middle of the clearing. Visualize as deeply as you can that you are being lifted out of the ground and floating in air. Chant: Gravity be goneSky, Let me fly

The stronger you visualize the sooner you will feel yourself floating on air. When you wish to come home visualize slowly drifting back to Earth.

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