5 wiccan magic spells

Sweet Spirit Oil Spell
Sweet spirit oil is used to give a person a protective aura. It also removes negative energy and malicious spirits from our life.
For this spell, you will need the following items:
Essential oil of Frankincense
Essential oil of Vetiver
Honeysuckle absolute
Rose attar
Sweet almond oil
Step 1: Blend the essential oils of frankincense and vetiver and add the honeysuckle absolute and rose attar. Add all of these into the Almond oil. Store in a clean bottle and use it every day to massage your body or to perfume your bath water.
Drawing Powder Spell
Drawing powder is believed to draw good luck and money to you. It may also attract better clientele to your business.
For this spell, you will need powdered confectioner’s sugar, cornstarch and essential oil of basil.
Step 1: Blend the confectioner’s sugar with cornstarch.
Step 2: Add a few drops of the essential oil of basil and work it into the powder.
Step 3: Use this powerful blend to powder your body after a bath. This powder will attract not only money, but love and health too.

Old Affair Removal Spell
If you have recently had an affair that you wish to remove from your memory, try this spell. This cleansing ceremony will also help you get ready for new love to come into your life. For this spell, you will need myrtle and dried rose petals.
Step 1: On a new Moon night, go outside and burn the myrtle leaves and dried rose petals on a burner.
Step 2: Visualize the cleansing that is happening to your spirit. Allow thoughts of new romance and passion come into your life.

Backward Candle spell
This spell is used to drive away any ghosts or negative entities from a home. This is best worked before moving into a home.
For this spell, you will need the following:
A white candle
Sea Salt
Step 1: Remove all furniture from the home
Step 2: When it is dark, light the white candle and hold it in your right hand.
Step 3: Fill your pockets with salt and also hold some in your left hand and make sure that you have enough salt to sprinkle all the rooms in the house.
Step 4: Walk through each room BACKWARDS from the bottom level to the topmost level.
Step 5: While you walk through the rooms, shout out or whisper and tell the ghosts to get lost ASAP.
Step 6: At the top of the house, extinguish the candle. Now your home is ghost-free!
Scrying Spell for divination
If you ever needed an answer to a question but didn’t know whom to ask, try this scrying spell.
For this spell, you will need a bit of oil. That’s it. Oh, you will also need a small child who is comfortable being with you. S/he will help you find the answer you need.
Step 1: Spread some oil on the child’s thumb.
Step 2: Allow her to spread it all over the thumb including the nail.
Step 3: Ask the child to polish the nail until its shiny and smooth.
Step 4: Ask the child to gaze at the nail while she answers your question with a Yes or No.
Step 5: Ask the question and allow the child to answer. Do not question the child. Even if the child doesn’t understand the original question, the Universe conveys the answer through the child.

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