Five healing spells

Djinn Spitting Spell

In North African magick, people turn to the Djinn for healing. Djinns are master healers although they are mischievous enough to actually cause health problems too. J

Step 1: Get a tablespoon of coriander and cumin seeds and start chewing them.
Step 2: Write a letter to Djinn asking for protection and apologizing for any wrongdoing. Ask the Djinn if you have angered him or her, or behaved badly in any way. Ask for forgiveness.
Step 3: Get an envelope and spit the seeds into it. Lick the envelope and seal it.
Step 4: Burn the letter along with more fresh coriander and cumin seeds.

Touch Healing Spell

As humans, we are very capable of healing ourselves. Wherever it hurts, put your palm over it and chant:
This illness
Will go away
I lead it out
I call it gone
I call it vanished
Vanish pain, Vanish illness, Vanish suffering!

Brightest Blessings.

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