3 Glamour Magick Spells

Change my body shape spell

This spell can be used to increase or decrease your body size and also change its shape if you wish to do so. For this spell, get a naked human figure candle which will represent you.  Using a dull knife or pin, carve the candle or draw lines on the candle to represent you as you are now. If you want to gain weight, draw another line outside the figure you just drew.

Alternately, if you want to lose weight, draw the new figure inside the figure that represents you. Focus on the change and visualize yourself losing or gaining the weight as you wish.
Imagine your body as being the new shape and how your feel and enjoy life then.

Prepare commanding oil by blending sweet flag and licorice to castor oil. You may also add Vetiver for added power. Dress the candle that represents you with this commanding oil all the while visualizing the results of the spell working.

If your intentions are pure and powerful, you will see the results of your spell very soon. If you want to lose weight but you make no changes in your physical life such as adding exercise or eating the right diet, then your body and spirit are at odds. So the spell will not work. If you change your attitude and begin to live the life you expect, the Universe will help it all fit into place very nicely indeed.

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