How to Cast Spells

Using tools are another way to boost our spells. As each tool gets used, their power multiplies. The oldest tools are probably the most potent of all.

Positive uses by humans can increase the potential of any tool or object. And we can use this additional power to help us in our spells.

To get rid of any disruptions from negative energies, we may work the spell in a safe area. For this purpose, we may cast a circle, enclose all our positive entities within it and open the circle only when the spell is done.

Let us summarize the steps to casting a spell
Visualize the intention and describe it
Narrow it to the tiniest detail
Write it down
Build up on the spell by adding supplies that will enhance the spell
Add any tools that will increase energy necessary for the spell to succeed
Cast the circle to keep out all negative energies
Stay inside the circle for the duration of the spell
Remember to invite all deities, elements and guides who may be able to assist you.
Read your intentions and deeply visualize them into reality
Thank everyone whom you had invited for the spell working
Open the circle
Allow the spell to work.

Brightest Blessings.

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