Italian Witchcraft Strega

here is also evidence that the practitioners of Strega kept manuscripts similar to the Book of Shadows. This meant that oral as well as written knowledge was being passed on to the future generations. As the major religions took hold and threatened the existence of Witchcraft, the Strega practitioners later joined the Masonic groups and other secret societies. The Strega tradition also influenced Gerald Gardner’s work.

The core beliefs of Strega include:
Divinity is present in the feminine and the masculine
We have the same divine spirit that is present in the Creator
All the knowledge is present in the world around us
Reincarnation helps us move towards liberation and enlightenment
Our actions will always affect others. What we do to others returns to us.
All life in the Universe is equally important
The deities and guardians exist to help us on our journey
Love and compassion are the most important values to an evolving soul.

The Arician tradition also celebrates the following holidays: Autumn Equinox and Spring Equinox, Cornucopia, Summer and Winter Solstice, Goddess day (May 1st) and Lupercus.

This tradition believes in celebrating life in awareness and kindness while taking responsibility of our life. Conservation of resources, Peaceful coexistence and a compassionate life is emphasized in this practice.

The pentagram is considered sacred in Strega as well as the Aricia and Wiccan traditions. It was also worn as jewelry at that time. Strega also used ritual tools including the wand, pentacle, cup, blade, tarot cards, etc.  Their altar faced the Northerly direction and casting the circle for rituals was practiced by the followers.

As we can see, Strega and Wicca have a lot of similarities as they evolved in Italy and northern Europe. This indicates that the root of the two religions may have been the same, namely the African tradition of ancient witchcraft.

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