How To Use Abby Willowroot Wands

Wands are an extension of your own spirit. They may be used in all types of spells:

Healing magic
Love magic
Spirit work

Brightest Blessings!

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2 Responses to “How To Use Abby Willowroot Wands”

  1. Abby Willowroot says:

    Re: Your Website content.
    You do NOT have permission to explain How my Maguic Wands are to be used, or to decide what they are used for,(whiuch you got wrong BTW) and then publish it on youir website.

    Please remove the article “How to Use Abby Willowroot Wands” immediately.

    Best Wishes for 2011,
    Abby Willowroot

  2. kiara lenoir says:

    abby willoroot have the best wands ever.she had proved to me about my iner powers and how to work them… i don’t have a wand from her yet ,because my mom wateing to get paid.I am only 11 years old knowing about the trouth and wizards are real.but because they are real they are real people to.kiara starr lenoir

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