A List of Pagan Religions

Australian Aboriginal Austronesian beliefs Balinese Javanese beliefs Melanesian
Micronesian Modekngei Nauruan indigenous religion Philippine Anito Gab� Kulam
Polynesian Hawaiian Maori Maori religion Rapa Nui Moai Tangata manu

Ancient Near Eastern
Ancient Egyptian religion Ancient Semitic religions Mesopotamian Arabian (pre-Islamic) Babylonian and Assyrian religion Babylonian Chaldean Canaanite
Hittite Persian Sumerian

Zoroastrianism Historical Vedic religion Baltic Celtic (precursor of Wicca)
Brythonic Gaelic Germanic polytheism Anglo-Saxon religion Norse religion
Continental Germanic religion Greek polytheism Hungarian polytheism Finnish polytheism Roman polytheism Slavic polytheism
Mystery religions Eleusinian Mithraism Orphism Pythagoreanism Early Christianity

Gallo-Roman religion
Anthroposophy Christian mysticism Hindu mysticism Martinism Meher Baba Nazi mysticism Occultism Rosicrucian Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis Ancient Order of the Rosicrucians Rosicrucian Fellowship Tantra Sufism Thelema There are many more pagan religions, ancient and current, that are not included in this list.

However, the tenets or rules of these religions vary so much that we may not find any common threads among these paths other than a reverence for nature and life as a whole.

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