Five Herbs For Love Spells

Essential oil of Gardenia is one of the ingredients in”Come to me Lover Oil”.
Gardenia petals or incense may be used in love spells. It is also used in love baths to infuse lovers with desire. It is also used in love spells and as a link to the Goddess. The flowers may be worn as a crown or as a garland to attract love. Dried petals may be crushed and mixed with ground Orris root to lightly dust the body which attract members of the opposite sex.

Essential oil of Tuberose is one of the ingredients in”Come to me Lover Oil”.
Tuberose is also called “Mistress of the Night”. It is an excellent aphrodisiac.
It also promotes peace and aids in psychic powers .
Lovage root is used in magickal workings to enhance love and peace. It is also called love root, lavose, love  parsley and Italian Parsley.The root is the part used most in love spells. Add the root to bath along with seven rose buds to make a person more attractive to the opposite sex.

Here is a recipe for a love oil potion that you can make with the above five potent love herbs.

Come to me Lover Oil
Jasmine Absolute
Rose Attar
Oil of petitgrain
Essential oil of Gardenia
Tuberose Absolute

Blend all of the above a little at a time with sweet almond oil . When the perfume seems to blend well and produces a pleasing, heady, wild, exciting aroma, the “Come to me Lover” oil is ready. This oil draws love to towards you.

It may be used for:
Dressing candles
Sealing love notes
Sprinkling over incense
Adding to love baths
Dabbing on pillows, mattresses or cushions.
Brightest Blessings.

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