Free Black Magic Love Spells

Remember that with Black Magic Spells or any other types of spells for that matter, if you hurt someone, you will get hurt three times as much. These spells are intended to inform the reader. Think seriously before attempting these spells.

One of the most effective ways of bringing “long lasting love” into our lives is by loving another unconditionally.

Santa Elena Binding Love Spell

Legend describes how Santa Elena found the True Cross and also discovered three nails used for Crucifixion. Santa Elena dedicated one of these nails to the lovers of the world so that they would be safe from heartache. Here is a spell from the 16th century Grimorio, “The Book of San Cipriano and Santa Justina”

For this spell, you will need the following items:
A medal or a candle in the image of Santa Elena
A piece of green silk
Three gold colored nails

Place the candle or image of Santa Elena on the piece of green silk. Use the nails to pierce the green silk. Send an invocation to Santa Elena while burning the candles. Remind her that one of the nails will be meant for lovers. Take one nail from the silk and place it on or near an object that belongs or belonged to the one you love.  This person is now bound to you.

Grapefruit Love Spell
For this spell, you will need:
One pink grapefruit, a small dish, some cayenne pepper, grains of paradise, sugar, sea salt, a piece of paper, one cherry or strawberry, nine small pink birthday candles.

Cut the grapefruit in half horizontally. Place one half on the dish. Sprinkle cayenne pepper, grains of paradise, sugar and sea salt all over the top of the grapefruit on the plate. On the piece of paper, write your lover’s name. Fold it into a tiny size and place it in the center of the grapefruit. Place a cherry or strawberry over it. Now stick the nine pink birthday candles into the grapefruit, making sure that they all stay upright. Light the candles.

To guarantee the success of this spell, it should be repeated for six nights.

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