The Meaning Of Pagan Religion

Many pagan ways are animistic meaning that the practitioners believe that souls (spirits) exist not only in humans and animals, but also in plants, rocks, lightning, thunder, water, fire, wind, etc. Wicca, Hinduism, Shamanism, and Shinto are animistic pagan religions.

Wicca is also considered a duo-theistic religion because the practitioners respect the Goddess and God. Dianic Wicca focuses on the Goddess and it reveres feminist values, ritual, folk magick and healing practices learned from the “Mother”.

Pagans feel a great appreciation for the Earth and all her inhabitants and feel that all life is interconnected. Deeply aware of the natural world, pagans see the power of transformation and perfection in the ongoing cycles of life and death.   Pagan spirituality is therefore earth centered with a belief in innate divinity.

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