Three Magickal Oil Recipes

Magickal oils are among the oldest methods of enchantment.

The ancient Gypsies from India always carried around oils so that they could create magick at a moment’s notice. As they were nomads, it was difficult for them to find fresh herbs and roots wherever they traveled. So they hit upon the best method of preservations, dried herbs and essential oils made from fresh herbs which supposedly keep the essence of the botanicals for years.

Voodoo from Africa had reached the city of New Orleans in North America and in the late nineteenth century, Hoodoo inspired another magickal renaissance. The essential oils made by Hoodoo practitioners were supposedly prepared to cure certain “conditions” and they came to be called “Condition oils”.

Following are some recipes for Condition oils.

Van Van Oil (also called Hindu Grass Oil)

This is versatile oil which attracts love, luck and prosperity and at the same time, repels malevolent magic directed at us. Van Van is a blend of five wild Asian grasses: lemongrass, citronella, palmarosa, gingergrass and vetiver. Add them to a base of jojoba oil. Sometimes patchouli (another Asian grass) can be added for extra power.

Attraction Oil

This oil is used to create attraction between people. To create this powerful and magickal oil, we have to gather the following ingredients:
Grated lemon zest
Essential oils of May chang, Melissa, Lemon Verbena
Rose attar
One lodestone chip
Sweet almond oil

Method of making the oil: Grind the lemon zest, lovage and vervain in a mortar and pestle. Transfer the contents into a bottle. Add the lodestone chip. Cover with sweet almond oil which is a base. Now add the essential oils of may chang, Melissa and lemon verbena little by little until you get a scent that is pleasing to you.

Protection Oil
Ground cinnamon
Galangal root
Dry Peppermint leaves (ground)
Dried rue
Dried ground Vervain
Dried ground Vetiver or essential oil of Vetiver.

Grind all of the above ingredients and add a base of sunflower oil or jojoba oil. This oil is used for protection from evil and malevolent spirits.

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  1. denise bryant says:

    can you please tell me some herbs i can get that are effective for shrinking spells?

  2. can you please tell me some herbs or something i can use that is effective for shrinking spells

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