What Are Spell Kits, And What They Can Do For You

Inks – Bat’s blood ink, Butterfly’s blood ink, Dove’s blood ink, Dragon’s blood
Ink, Raven’s feather ink, Chinese Magickal ink, Moroccan Ritual ink, Rosewater charm ink, Tibetal ritual inks, etc.

Waters – Blessing water, Carmelite water, Damnation water, Elijah the Prophet water, Florida water, Flower waters, Rose water, Lavendar water, Four Thieves
Vinegar, Ghost water, Glory water, Holy water, Hundred Grass lotion, Indigo water, Marie Laveau water, May wine, Notre Dame water, pollution water, Rose of
Jericho water, Seven sisters water, Spirit water, tar water, War water, Iron water.

Candles – different colors, shapes, decorations, textures, etc.

As you can see, most of the kits are prepared for the specific purpose of the spell. The ingredients are carefully packed and the list of instructions added to the package before it is sent.

As magick becomes more popular, the demand for these customized kits will increase.

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