4 Powerful Money Spells

1. Corn Husk Doll Money Spell
Items required:
Dried corn husks
Green yarn
One dollar note (or any note in your currency)
Velvet pillowcase or large cloth

On new moon day, create a doll from the dried corn husks. Tuck in the note between the corn husks and tie it all together with the green yarn. Hold the doll in your hands and close your eyes. Imagine that they doll is pregnant as the money increases day by day.

Place the doll in velvet cloth or inside the pillowcase and keep her in a safe, dark place so that the money can germinate and grow into a large amount.

On full moon day, go outdoors and hold the doll in your hand.

Visualize the money coming to you and allow your dreams to manifest in the near future by burning
the doll and allowing the wealth that the corn husk doll has materialized to come to you as soon as possible.

2. Prosperity Powder Spell
Gather the following items for the spell:
1 teaspoon allspice
1 stick cinnamon
1 tsp myrrh
1 tsp orange zest
1 tsp Orrisroot
1 tsp Patchouli
1 tsp Vetiver
1 green candle

Grind all the above dried items. On a new moon day, sit by the altar and meditate after lighting the
green candle and making a circle of the power around the candle.

As the inspiring fragrance wafts through the room, visualize prosperity moving into your house and your life and making life joyous for every one who comes in contact with you.

3. Plant spell
Get an easy growing plant with green leaves such as Basil, mint, Jade, Kalanchoe, etc. Get some prosperity oil and very carefully rub the oil on the leaves while chanting:

Money plant, Money Plant, let prosperity come to me!
Water the plant and take care of it regularly. Offer some organic fertilizer and water as libation often. Re-anoint the leaves with prosperity oil periodically.

Remember that the plant is bringing prosperity into your life!

4. Money Pomander Spell
Gather the following:
1 green candle
One large citrus fruit
A blunt knife to carve the rind
Powdered dried orrisroot
Gold magnetic sand or gold glitter dust
Green ribbon

On a new moon day, take a nice long back in aromatic herbs and wearing a clean cotton robe, sit by the altar meditating. Light the green candle and imagine prosperity come to you as a new house, a new job, happy family, etc.

Take the citrus fruit and using the blunt knife, carve a money sign or a number for the amount of money you need, etc. Stick the cloves all over the fruit, affirming your intentions with every clove. Roll the pomander in the orrisroot.

Dust the gold magnetic sand or glitter all over the pomander. Tie the green ribbon to the pomander and hang it from a corner of the main room of the house so that it can radiate its power to the entire house.

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