Beginners Guide to Teenage Wicca

Try to learn about Wicca and learn meditation techniques to sharpen your mind while you wait to be 18 or 21 so that you can join it as a legal member.

While you are waiting to become a practicing witch, make sure you practice patience, compassion, empathy and understanding everyday.

Remember, as witches, we believe that whatever we do unto others returns to us three-fold. This means that we have to learn to deal with frustrations without resorting to angry confrontations, name calling or negative outbursts. Also, do learn to control your temper, to be patient with others and to learn about what it means to be a good witch.

A good witch never puts down anyone who defames our religion. We don’t have to defend our beliefs to anyone. If anyone insults us or even attacks us, we need to find peaceful ways to end the violence.

We don’t have to wear a lapel pin with the words “witch” on it.
Witchcraft is not about identity or fitting in. It is about the strength of our mind and the best way to live our life. It is “nobody’s business” but ours.

Be aware that that you are living a life of highest potential. Mankind has had many teachers who came before us and who have shown us the way. However, we come into this world with abundant wisdom and we do not have to impress anyone but ourselves.

Above all, our goal should be to help others rather than to help ourselves.

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