Five Fast Love Spells

Five Fast Love Spells
Love makes the world go around. There are more spells to attract and keep love than all the other spells combined. Love keeps us glowing, happy and healthy.
Love gives us hope.
Halloween Night Love Spell
Halloween is believed to be a magickal time when wishes come true. On Halloween night, get a piece of paper and write your romantic affirmations and hopes on a piece of paper. Fold it up and insert some dragon’s blood resin and toss it into the fire. As the paper burns, your aspirations will come true to life.

Love Candle Spell
Get a red lover’s candle (or better yet, make one). A lover’s candle depicts an entwined nude couple in love. With a pin or a dull knife, carve the man’s name on the woman candle and the woman’s name on the man candle. Get some “Amor”, “Jezebel” or “Come to Me Lover” oil and anoint the candle while visualizing love blooming between you and the one you love.

Grow a Lover Spell
From ancient times, human footprints are believed to have magickal connotations. In this Slavic spell, you can actually try to grow your beloved from footprints that they may have left in your property. If you can find such footprints, dig the dirt out (as an entire footprint) and put the dirt in a flowerpot. Add more dirt as necessary. Grow marigolds in the pot to attract and keep your lover close. Watering it with your tears is believed to increase the chance of success.

Love Incense
This spell is used to attract new love into your life. For this special incense, you need the following magickal items in very small amounts:
A pinch of Camphor
A pinch of Frankincense
A pinch of Mastic Pearls
A pinch of Myrrh
A pinch of Aloes Wood
A pinch of Orrisroot
A pinch of Patchouli
A pinch of Vetiver
A pinch of Sandalwood
A pinch of Saltpeter
A pinch of Red Sandalwood

Grind the above ingredients into a find powder and blend them together. Adjust the proportions as you prefer. Place the powder in a red flannel bag. Carry it between your breasts for seven days. Sleep with it under your pillow for seven nights. After seven days and nights, if you do not see love on the horizon, burn a pinch of the powder every morning for seven days.

Brightest Blessings.

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    hi i wanted to know if shoe print is ok or actual foot print is necessary for Grow a Lover Spell spell. and also what if the footprint is not on my property?

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