Magick Spells For Weight Loss

Weight Numbers loss Spell

This spell also uses a candle but it does so in a different way.  Again, get a candle, preferably brown. Using a dull knife, carve the number of pounds you will lose. If the number is 10, make sure you carve the numbers clearly and deeply into the candle. Be careful and carve other words that are associated with weight loss for you. They could be “beauty”, “fit”, “healthy”, “strong”, etc.

You may even carve runes on the candle to expedite your weight loss.

Anoint the candle with your favorite oil while you visualize the pounds melting away. Also get some incense and burn it while you visualize yourself with the new, healthier body and mind.

Moon Stone Jewelry weight loss Spell

Moon Stone is often called the “National stone of Sri Lanka”. Moonstones were used in Roman jewelry and it is believed to be a symbol of third eye and spiritual understanding in India.

Moon Stones are believed to awaken passions in lovers and also helps to refresh our memory. It is believed to be a feminine, Goddess symbol which follows the cycles of the moon as well. Romans believed that a picture of Diana could be seen in every moonstone.

One of Moonstone’s magickal properties is to enable us to visualize a possible future result. Moonstone jewelry when worked in a spell can continuously keep you losing weight until you reach a healthy state.

For this spell, get any piece of jewelry (a pendant is best) with a moonstone in it. Three nights after a full moon, stand nude in front of the mirror. Visualize yourself as thinner, more shapely and of course, more healthy.

Hold the piece of Moonstone jewelry and visualize your new body. Rub the moonstone over the parts of your body and imagine them melting away to form the new you.  Repeat as necessary.

Brightest Blessings.

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  1. chanelle says:

    hi i cry my self to sleep almost everynight because i over wieght i am being u please please please give a weight loss spell tht work i am trid of crying myself to sleep !

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