Five Magic Word Spells

Honey Words Love Spell
For this spell, gather some honey and get a wide mouthed wine goblet or cup.

Visualize your lover being enamored by you forever. Now dip your finger in the honey jar and write WORDS of passion in the cup. Dip into the honey as required for each word.

Pour wine into this cup and serve it to your lover.


Candle Words Prosperity Spell

Gather the following:

1 large Green candle
A bunch of basil or mint leaves (fresh or dried)
A blunt knife
Green incense

Take a nice long bath so that all of your negative thoughts are dispelled. Sit down in front of your altar or in any private, quiet space and visualize your future filled with prosperity. Now take the candle and using the knife, carve WORDS of prosperity on the candle. Examples are “HAPPY”, “WEALTH”, “MONEY”,

Place the candle on a fireproof base and surround it with the basil or mint leaves. Light the candle while you visualize the words coming true in your life.


Magickal Ink Spell

The grimoire “Grimorium Verum” which is believed to have been published in Egypt in the year 1517 recommends that the following words infuses divine power and wards off evil influences:



King Solomon’s Keys

King Solomon was one of the greatest magick masters of all time. He is believed to have commanded a lot of celestial beings using magickal words such as:



Fever Diminishing Spell

Ancient people believed that some fevers were caused by Demons and if we “diminished” the Demon’s name, the fever would subside. Here is one such name and the method of diminishing it:

O  c  h  n  o  t  i  n  o  s
C  h  n  o  t  i  n  o  s
n  o  t  i  n  o  s
o  t  i  n  o  s
t  i  n  o  s
i  n  o  s
n  o  s
o  s

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