List of Three Magic Spells

Aura Cleansing Spells
If you are depressed or have very low energy, this spell is perfect or you. The Ocean is one of the most wondrous sights around us. Petition the spirits of the Sea including Aphrodite and Yemaya to nable healing and cleansing within you.

Get a large bouquet of yellow roses for Aphrodite or seven white roses for Yemaya. (You may also get roses for both of them if you are petitioning both spirits who are compatible with each other anyway.)

When you get to the beach, stand in the water and taking each rose in your hand, dip it first in sea water and then cleanse your entire body with it. Massage downwards – down your arms, down your body and your legs and visualize the negative energy being removed from you and being replaced by positive, glowing energy.

Toss each of the roses into the sea after you have cleansed yourself with it.
After you have repeated the massage using all the roses and all the roses are in the sea, go deeper into the ocean so that the waves can wash over your body. If you are afraid of the ocean or if the sea waters are too strong for you, just sit on the sand and allow the waves to wash over you.

Allow seven waves to wash over you if you are petitioning Yemaya and six for Aphrodite. Close your eyes and ask these benevolent and powerful spirits to cleanse you and replenish your aura as well as your energy by the time you get back home.

Turn around and walk home in joy.

Evil Eye removal

Get an odd number of black cumin seeds and place them in a small paper bag.

Pass this packet around the victim three times. Throw it in fire. If the seeds snap, crackle and pop, the evil eye has been destroyed and the person will return to normal. If there are no sounds, nothing further needs to be done either.


Epidemic Prevention Spell

The natives of the Andaman Islands believe that beeswax repels epidemics. To prevent epidemics, collect blocks of beeswax candles in the home. The aroma of the unlit candles is enough to keep the epidemics spirits away. Another way to enhance this protection is to dip stakes in melted beeswax and stick them into the ground at different places around the house.  These stakes will work as guards who will prevent epidemics to enter the home.

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