Three Ancient Black Magic Spells

Curse Removal Magick
Gather the following in small quantities (about a teaspoon of each will be perfect for this purpose)

Yellow Sandalwood
Red Sandalwood
Pine needles

Powder all of the above very well. Burn the powder on lit charcoal. Waft the smoke in as needed. When the entire powder is spent, gather the ashes in a covered pot. Go to a crossroads and scatter the ashes to the winds in all directions with affirmations and visualizations of chasing away your fears while the curse is lifted.


Mimosa Magick Dream Magick Powder

Dream powders serve three purposes:
Bad dreams are banished
Good dreams are encouraged
Encourages good dreams to come true in life

For this spell, you will need:
Rose petals
Lilac petals
Acacia gum
Essential oil of Mimosa
Essential oil of Bay Laurel
One or two drops of rose attar

Place the lilac petals, rose petals and acacia gum in a mortar and pestle. Grind very well. Add the cornstarch and for a stronger aroma, add the rose attar.

Your Mimosa Magick Dream powder is ready.

You may sprinkle this powerful dream powder between the sheets or around the bed itself. You may also powder the body with it following a bath or tie in a sachet to place in the closet with your clothes.

Who cast the Evil Eye?

Children were believed to be very vulnerable to the Evil eye. There are many spells to protect children from the evil eye. This is an ancient Greek spell that uses cloves to conduct a diagnosis of the source and cure of the evil eye that could be cast on an innocent being.

Gather the following items for the spell:
1 white candle
A small needle
1 large clove (or more depending on questions asked)

Make a list of people who could’ve given the child the evil eye. Also make a list of the people who can help you get rid of the evil eye.

Light a candle. Stick the needle through a clove and hold it over the flame.

After some visualization as to the circumstances that happened to cause this problem, ask questions about the person. Is this a man?

Is this the person? Is this the right one to cure it?

If the clove pops during the question or immediately after it, this is a YES answer. Continue to ask questions until you are satisfied as to the source of the Evil eye as well as the best cure for it.

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