Where to Find Free Witchcraft And Spells

The best place to find information about Witchcraft is in an occult bookshop. It may be a little difficult to find an occult book shop but there are ways to do that. If you attend a spirituality seminar or go shopping in flea markets, etc, keep an eye out for magickal items or shops. Ask around if anyone knows about old book stores or second hand book stores.

Online, there are several sites such as http://www.witchvox.com where you can narrow down the choices (on the left of the page) to your town and look for all the news in there that can help you. If you can find email ids on those pages, communicate with them to see if you can join a coven or any group interested in witchcraft. Make sure you check the groups out well before you join them.

Another way to find out about spirituality in your area is to search the online yahoogroups. Go to the site http://groups.yahoo.com/ and in the Search area, type in your city and the word Wicca or Witchcraft. You will find many meetup groups where people meet regularly to discuss common subjects. If you join one of these Wicca meetups, you may get to learn a lot about spells and the life of Witchcraft practitioners.

Another way to find more about Witchcraft is to buy books online. If you cannot get any books on Wicca, Witchcraft or the Craft in occult book stores or second hand stores, go on  line and Google “Witchcraft books” or “Book of Spells” or simply “Wicca”. You will be amazed at the vast variety of books that are available on this subject. Look for used books (again, to minimize cost and conserve the Earth’s resources) and books that are not in the best condition.

You may also find a lot of spells online. Be aware that there are many sites that cater to ignorant people who spend a lot of money trying online pranksters (who pretend to know witchcraft or astrology, etc) who take our money in the name of witchcraft. Some of the sites that I trust are:




Above all, it is you who can come up with the best spells for yourself.

Although some of the old spells use “hocus pocus” and a lot of undecipherable letters, we need to remember that these spells were done in different languages of the time.  Whatever language we speak, we can use it to create spells that come from our heart.

Take a piece of paper and using a pen, just write down your desires sitting in front of a lit candle. There -  you have just completed a spell! Spell working is as easy as that!!!!

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