Love Spells

It always better to create your own love spells. By visualizing your outcome and deeply meditating on your intentions, you can create spells customized to your wishes and dreams. A picture of your loved one or a candle to represent your lover will enhance the environment and increase the surge of energy that you will raise when you are in the sacred circle.

Pictures of the loved one also enhance our ability to mediate on our goal. Imagine the person from head to toe and concentrate on how you will feel when s/he is with you. This will manifest in your reality when you raise enough energy and guide your vision into reality.

You may also alter the spells to call upon the energies of Deities like Zeus, the Greek king of Gods, who had affairs with both men and women. You may also call upon Astarte, the Great mother who included gay male priests in her temple or Pan, the patron God of nature. You could use the Deities Inanna or Apollo for raising the energy required for non traditional relationships.

Whether you are in a gay relationship or not, by creating an environment where you can sit comfortably and visualize perfectly what you wish to create for your life, you will be able to bring all your romantic dreams to fruition by using Love spells.

Brightest Blessings!

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