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High magic, or ceremonial magic, is performed to bring about union with the divine. In high magic, the powers of nature, conceived of as being either angelic or demonic, are controlled in conjunction with spirits, using words and the names of sacred gods. Typically, magic involves the use of elaborate rituals, the invocation of spirits (often in a dramatic or theatrical fashion) and mystic sacraments. Practiced in ancient times, ceremonial magic is mainly the domain of men and women seeking magical power and enlightenment. Ceremonial magic is still practiced by those who adhere to Abramelin magic and the Kabbalah.

Thus, one of the key facets we much each address as we come to the religion is how we will approach the magic, as well as the hows and whys of the manner in which we will make use of it. Again, magic is nothing to take lightly and certainly is not something with which to trifle with or abuse. But, used correctly and with the proper intentions, it can open an entirely new facet within the practitioner’s life.

And so, take your time, do your homework, and find out which system seems to work the best for you and speaks the most to your own particular inclinations.

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