Abramelin Oil – what is it – how to use

Abramelin Oil, sometimes called Oil of Abramelin, is a ceremonial oil created from herbs and spices. It was first discovered in a medieval grimoire called the Book of Abramelin which was written by Abraham the Jew. The recipe for Abramelin oil is believed to be adapted from Jewish Holy Anointing Oil of the Tanakh. This information is described in the Book of Exodus which is attributed to Moses.
Abramelin Oil is a mixture of a number of magickal herbs including myrrh, Cinnamon, Cassia, Galangal root, Olive oil, etc. This oil has a vague resemblance to the Holy Anointing oil that is created from a recipe mentiond in the Bible. As most of us are aware, Jesus brought back myrrh and frankincense from his travels to the East.

Myrrh is the dried resin of a number of trees that are found in countries like Africa and India. Similar to Frankincense, Myrrh is produced by the tree as a reaction to a “wound” in its bark which may extend into the sapwood. In a way, the trees are “bled” to produce myrrh. Myrrh is also valued for its medicinal qualities and is also used for embalming of mummies. At times, Myrrh was as expensive as Gold.

There are many recipes for Abramelin oil which is used around the world. Here is a simple recipe that you can try:

Abramelin Oil
1 part Cinnamon essential oil
1 part Myrrh essential oil
1 part Calamus essential oil
1 part Cassia essential oil
7 parts – Olive oil

Mix all of the above ingredients (in the form of essential oil) and store in a glass bottle. Remember that cinnamon, if added in larger concentration, may cause skin rashes if applied too generously.

This highly fragranced oil may be used to apply to the skin as often as needed. Olive oil is symbolic of domestic stability. Myrrh was a favorite of all cultures around the world. Cinnamon was considered a giver of money and luck. Galangal is believed to protect against court cases or incarceration.

Abramelin Oil is used in many Jewish ceremonies as well as the rituals of Christian Kabbalists. It is also used in the ever popular Love spells, gifts of flight, treasure-hunting and ways to become invisible. Other groups that use this oil include Thelemic church, Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, in Gnostic Mass as well as in ceremonies such as Baptism, Confirmation and Ordination.

This Oil is believed to consecrate everything that it touches and as a result it is used in all rituals that are considered holy or sacred. This oil is included in the Old Testament Ritual where a priest is ordained. It is also part of the consecration of articles and may also be used to anoint persons or objects. This form of anointing is believed to make these persons and objects holy or sacred.

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