African Black Magic

Africa is the origin of civilization. When the earliest humans began to live on Earth they realized that nature was the biggest force that they had to encounter. The force of gales, tsunamis, earthquakes and such natural events show us how powerful Nature is. Nature is what creates us, sustains us and accepts our bodies when we die. Our God is the Universe itself.
Africans come in all shapes, sizes and colors. However, with the movement and journeys of Christian missionaries and colonial greed, Africa was looked upon as a “dark” continent. In addition to capturing African nationals and forcefully taking them to foreign lands as cheap labor, the Europeans also disparaged their society by claiming that Africans practiced some kind of magic that they foreigners were afraid of. Fortunately for us, the missionaries and war mongers could not destroy the natural religion that teaches humans to live with respect for the land and all of its bounty.

While colonial warmongers were only interested in what they can profit from, the African natives who were forcefully dragged around the world as “slaves” took with them the secrets of this beautiful and natural religion to other parts of the world such us in USA where natural religions are now respected and appreciated.

The term “black” was used by Colonists and other supremacists to denote something they don’t like. Black magic to this day represents something undesirable, something bad to most people. However, the color “black” doesn’t have anything to do with “evil or bad”. In fact, we put black dots on our face when we want to repel evil!

However, Magic, like everything in this world, can be used for good as well as for harmful purposes. Most people assume that magic is all about hurting others. It all depends on who is working on the magic. If our minds are pure and our intentions are peaceful, our results will be pure and beneficial. On the other hand, if we have harmful intentions, regardless of how white or black we are, our results will be harmful not only to the receiver, it will also harm the sender.

As most of us witches know, when we hurt someone, the Universe gives us a direct and immediate retaliation to keep us in line. If we do good things and help others, we get the benefit of our humble and benevolent work almost immediately.

It is our hearts and spirits that make our actions beneficial magic or malefic magic. Accordingly we can call all our actions black or white and choose which color you like and which one you don’t. Most of us love all the colors of the Universe and so it will be very difficult to choose one color as bad and something else as good. Anyway, who decides what is bad and what is good? Each of us need to think about it and decide for their own what bad and good means to us and how we need to treat others including humans with dignity and respect.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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