African Witch Craft

The colonial invaders also managed to write many books about Africa and its people in a negative, contemptuous way. In fact, most history books are written by Europeans who assumed that they were the authority on everything.

Unfortunately for witchcraft, this way of life was also pushed out into their bag of “nonsensical belief” while they spend millions derived from the sale of African diamonds and gold and its people’s blood and sweat on creating more religious empires around the world.

As most people around the world are aware, the terms “heathen”, “kafir”, “barbarian”, “profane”, “idolatrous”, “Godless”, “skeptic”, “non believer”,
“Satan lover”, “infidel”, “ungodly”, “blasphemous”, “faithless”, “iconoclastic”, “irreverent”, “sacrilegious”, “unholy”, “undevout”, “unbelieving” and numerous such negative terms were coined to shame most people who didn’t believe in the new and controlling religions.

Time has proven that the religions had only one goal – WAR. Even as I write this, there are many wars being fought where young men are used as pawns in a game where brother kills brother and father kills son. Women and children are the the sacrifices in addition to the young people who are forcibly “drafted” in the war between religions.

It is amazing that something as peaceful as witchcraft was so skillfully damaged by the ignorant religious persecutors. However, as we can see, in the present millennium, witchcraft is as popular as ever. The biggest impetus for this new reincarnation of Witchcraft was the discovery of Papyri which was found in Alexandria in Egypt. This city was the center for magick where people from all other parts of the world converged and discussed various forms of Witchcraft.

As we can see, Africa was the cradle of civilization and the birth of Witchcraft which originated there is still one of the most widely practiced ways of life all around the world.

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