An Overview of Wiccan Covens

There are serious matters that you need to consider before you make your final decision to join a coven. It requires a substantial investment in terms of time and effort. It involves doing an in-depth study of the Craft and a great deal of introspection, amongst others. Even if, as a student / Seeker / Dedicant, you are not quite sure that this is path you will eventually follow, that which you learn on this journey of discovery, will bring a new perspective of self and of the Universe.

Once you have completed your year and one day learning the basics as a student / Seeker / Dedicant, you become an Initiate. When you are initiated, you make a commitment to Wicca and a commitment to the coven. You will be welcomed in a formal way into the group with a ritual of death and rebirth. The Elders in the coven will have spent at least two years in learning the path of Wicca – sometimes much longer By the time you become an Elder, you will have mastered the skills to lead rituals and to serve as a teachers. High Priestess / Priest need to have mastery of the Craft and posses the attributes of tolerance, wisdom and leadership.

The coven gathers to observe the Sabbats and Esbats through ritual, Magick and celebration. Every member represents one link of the chain to make ritual effective. As a result, the attendance of Sabbats and Esbats is obligatory.

Covens can vary greatly in terms of composition and dynamics. Once you are accepted into a coven, and it is a coven that you are comfortable with, you will find that it is – in some ways – like a small family. Sometimes the bonds can be even closer than real families. Acceptance is not necessarily easy. If as little as one member of the entire coven has any doubt about a candidate, with or without given reason, he / she may end up not being granted access.

Choosing a coven needs to be done with care. You should like, trust and respect the coven members. You also need to be comfortable with their tradition, the workings, the hierarchy and the leadership. There are many covens nowadays to choose from. The following URL contains lists of covens by city, and is very helpful when exploring the option of joining a coven near you:

The old maxim says: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Perhaps the same holds true for covens.

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