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Magick has been around since the world began. Yes, even before the humans arrived. Of course, there weren’t any humans to know about it. It was many years after the arrival of Mother Nature that humans came to Earth. Magick was all around and they quickly caught on, probably with the help of humanly invisible helpers.

1. One of the oldest books that dealt with the subject of Magick is “The Sword of Moses” which was translated by Moses Gaster in 1896. The translation begins thus “Four angels are appointed to the “Sword” given by the Lord, the Master of mysteries, and they are appointed to the Law, and they see with penetration the mysteries from above and below; and these are their names — SKD HUZI, MRGIOIAL, VHDRZIOLO, TOTRISI. [CQD HUZI MRGIZIAL, UHDRZIULU, TUTRISI] And over these are five others, holy and mighty, who meditate on the mysteries of God in the world for seven hours every day, and they are appointed to thousands of thousands, and to myriads of thousands of Chariots, ready to do the will of their Creator”.
2. The second book is called “The Ancient’s book of Magic” and although it has been long out of print, it teaches us how to summon spirits of the dead, the proper way to treat a spirit, how to make sure you have not summoned up a trickster and many other wonders of the magickal world. This book is available on line to download.

3. A grimoire is a textbook of Magick. Most of the grimoires include instructions on how to create talismans, amulets and charms. Also included are divination tactics and rules that enable people to predict the future. And lessons on how to summon or invoke angels, spirits and even demons.

4. The earliest book of shadows came from ancient Mesopotamia (Iraq). Many of these incantations were inscribed on clay talblets around the 4th century B.C. Ancient Egyptians inscribed incantations on amulets etc. Pliny the Elder stated that there were books on magick from the year 6347B.C, although these remarks have not been substantiated.

5. Jewish people are believed to have learned Magic from Moses who supposedly learned in from Egyptians. There are two manuscripts dated about the 4rth century that is believed to be the eighth book of Moses and the first five books of the Old Testament. Moses is believed to have been a polytheist who had the power to conjure Gods and control demons.

6. It is also evident that Gnostic sects used Grimoires about early Christianity in the Book of Enoch which accompanied the Dead Sea Scrolls which also included astrology and information about angels.

7. In Israel, King Solomon was also linked with magick and a book that may have been titled “Testament to Solomon” in which there were many incantations and cures. This is believed to be the oldest of magickal texts.

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