Aphrodite Goddess of Love

Aphrodite was believed to be the Goddess of love, beauty and proliferation. Goddess Aphrodite was the most celebrated spirit of all and her essence was evident in the way she lived her life. It is believed that the term “Aphrodisiacs” was coined in her honor. She sometimes manifests as a beautiful woman or as a mermaid and was believed to a stunning beauty who was born to Deus and Dione.
According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite was alleged to have married Hephaestus, but she also had many lovers which included Gods as well as humans. She was Adonis’ lover and also his surrogate mother. She is also supposed to have mothered many children. Aphrodite took up hunting so that she can spend time with Adonis.
Aphrodite is also known as Cytherea, Cypris, Acidalia, Cerigo and she loved animals as much as she adored flowers, fruit, perfume and jewelry. She is also understood to favor the sea along with dolphins, doves, swans, apples, myrtle, lime trees, clams, scallop shells, pearls and pomegranates. She was born near the town of Paphos, in the island of Cyprus. She was worshipped as the Goddess of Desire from early Iron Age as Goddess Ishtar and Astarte.
In mythology, Aphrodite was formed in the sea and she floated ashore in a scallop shell. There isn’t much information about where she was born and was raised in childhood. Most versions of her childhood include a love of animals such as horses, and birds like Myrtles, Doves, Swans and sparrows.
Although there are many stories and legends about Goddess Aphrodite, she is venerated and regarded by many as a powerful deity. In Witchcraft, Goddess Aphrodite is believed to manifest as an impossibly beautiful woman who shines brightly and dazzles our eyes. She is seen as the Queen of wild beasts as well as the Lady of Flowers. She accepts devotion from all of mankind, including women and men. Although she has a temperamental spirit, she is usually accompanied in spirit by a number of other spirits who love to party and make love. Indeed, Love is her sacrament and she will help anyone who desires love. She will assist all who need assistance with finding sex and romance in life.
Goddess Aphrodite is believed to be at the height of her power around the time of the Summer Solstice. Her special day is Friday and her favorite celestial bodies include the Sun and the Planet Venus. Worshippers may offer triangle shaped honey cakes, myrtle, myrrh or roses.
Those who create altars for love and desire may add beautiful objects along with Seashells and other items from the Sea. Aphrodite is a bountiful spirit and she has a multitude of favorite things that may be used at the altar.

Here are a few spells for Aphrodite:
Apples of Love Spell
Apple trees and apples are among the favorites on Aphrodite’s altars.
For this spell, you will need three yellow apples.
Step 1: Gather the apples and decorate Goddess Aphrodite’s altar.
Step 2: Request the Goddess to bless the apples and to charm the fruit so that anyone who eats the apples will fall head over heels in love with you.
Step 3: Sit while visualizing your end results.
Step 4: Give one of the blessed apples to the one you choose.

Seaside Conjuration Spell
For this spell, you will need some sea salt, four shells and a candle.
Step 1: Cast a circle with the sea salt.
Step 2: Place the four shells to make the four directions.
Step 3: Now light the candles within the circle.
Step 4: Talk to the Goddess of Love about your wishes, hopes and dreams.

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